Between 1990 until today I have visited many schools, both in the US and in Europe, schools with comprehensive music programs involving every child. I have made mini-documentary films in these schools where I interviewed children, parents, classroom teachers, music teachers and school principals. I have for thirty-three years repeatedly heard and seen the powers of music when many children get to make music as part of their school day.

Invitation film to ”Music manifestation in the Stockholm Concert Hall December 21, 2016 ”Music in every classroom, what could happen?"

Film about the music program in the Ann Arbor Public Schools where every child in all public schools receive music education as part of the regular school curriculum. On a mandatory basis. (Interviews in English)

Film about the music program in East Helsinki Music Institute, Finland where all children are interviewed before starting in 1st grade. The interview is not about talent, it’s about finding out how strong motivation each child has to learn an instrument. (Interviews in English)

Film about the music program in one public school in Kalix, Sweden (Interviews in Swedish)

Film about the music program in a school in Watford, England where all classroom teachers receive basic music training in order to integrate music into the regular school curriculum and in other subjects. (Interviews in English)

Film about how the Cultural School in Kongsberg, Norway, works integrating their work into regular schools. (Interviews in Norwegian)